Skagway Alaska White Pass & Yukon Trip

Trip Report Skagway Alaska

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Our second port day of the trip was in Skagway Alaska. This was a nice full day on land as we arrived at 7 AM and had to be back on board by 8:15 PM. The town of Skagway Alaska was quaint and felt like you were stepping into the TV show Northern Exposure. I half expected to see a moose wandering the streets, which would have amazed, but sadly didn’t happen. Our big excursion for Skagway was the White Pass Scenic Railway excursion.

White Pass and Yukon Railway

Our trip on the White Pass and Yukon Railway started at 8:15 AM. We walked from the ship to the train and boarded one of the passenger cars. Our train was one of the General Electric engines from the 50’s that have been recently modernized. The passenger coaches are restored or replicas. There are two seats on each side of the aisle. Our coach had a bathroom that was spacious and nice. Our trip would take us on a 41-mile round trip to the White Pass Summit at nearly 3,000 feet in elevation and then back to Skagway. The White Pass and Yukon Railroad was built in 1898. It was amazing to see the tracks and bridges. They are at such amazing heights, and the train climbs such a steep incline. It seems this would be difficult to build even now. We loved the ride and taking in the amazing scenery. Our day was foggy and it would have been even better if it had been clear, I would recommend this trip to anyone!

White Pass and Yukon Souvenirs

My son is a big railroad fan. Many years ago, he started collecting model trains, both engines and cars. He particularly likes historic trains and leans towards passenger trains as opposed to commercial trains. He was one of the big reasons we selected this trip although we had heard from many that it was good. When we got off the train we did a little shopping and found a HO engine of the White Pass and Yukon train. He loved it and his grandmother decided it would make a great birthday gift. He has it set up at home now and plans to add some of the passenger coaches soon.

White Pass Model Train
White Pass Model Train

Walking Skagway Alaska

When we finished our train ride, we started looking around Skagway and decided to have lunch as our group was getting pretty hungry. The first place we found with food was had the Klondike Doughboy, an Alaskan Fry Bread. My sister bought one for us to share as it was large. It was YUMMY, like a giant powdered sugar donut, fresh and warm. We were tempted to get more but decided to find some lunch first. We’ve been dying to try this since we got home, so stay tuned as a recipe will follow soon.

Canada Day

The ship celebrated Canada Day with decorations and cakes (display only) It was nice to see the decorations and celebrate Canada Day. I would have liked it even more if some of these cakes made it into the dining room 😊.

Canada Day on the Grand Princess
Canada Day on the Grand Princess

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our day in Skagway. We had enough time to experience the town and it is a location I would return for a day or two so we could enjoy it even more. I would recommend binoculars and a good camera with a strong telephoto as there are a lot of beautiful sights to photograph.

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