Mendenhall Glacier

Trip Report Juneau Alaska

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Our first land day of the trip was in Juneau Alaska. We were all so excited to see Alaska for the first time and for the opportunity to take part in our excursions. Our group decided to split into two and go on two different excursions.

Juneau Alaska
Juneau Alaska

Juneau Alaska Bike and Tram Tour

The first group was my sister, my niece and my youngest son. They chose to go on the Bike and Tram Elevation Sensation trip. They really enjoyed the information provided while they were on their bike trip and especially learning about all the varieties of wild Alaskan berries. What they feel they missed was the wildlife, and they may have felt that way because the second groups excursion was full of wildlife viewing.

Whale Watching

The second group included myself, my husband, my oldest son and my mother. We went on the Mendenhall Glacier and Whale Quest trip. This trip was a real treat and I would highly recommend it. We saw so much wildlife including Orca whales, which is apparently rare. Our guides were super excited and said only 10% of the trips get to see them. They were a big draw as many boats in the area were looking for them and surrounding them when seen. The boats are very good about not getting to close or disturbing the whales, but they also do their best to make sure everyone knows where to look and to give us a nice long time to see them. Our group of Orca whales included two adults and one that appeared quite young and small. They were really amazing. We also go to see Humpback whales and had quite a few tail flips, but no breeches. In addition to the whales, we saw sea lions, seals, Sitka Black Tailed Deer and many Bald Eagles.

Mendenhall Glacier

Once we completed our whale watching part of the trip, we got back on our bus and they drove us to the Mendenhall Glacier. We were a little late coming off the boat, so our trip here was a bit short. The most inconvenient part of that was that the visitors center closed almost immediately after we got there so we didn’t get much of a chance to look around there, but what we did see looked pretty interesting and the views from the visitor center were wonderful. The glacier is beautiful and it was our first to see up close. The area surrounding the glacier almost looks like a marsh and there were many wildlife breeding areas that were marked so no one would disturb them.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our day in Juneau. It gave us a taste that made all of us feel we could return and spend more time here as there was much we didn’t have time to experience. I would recommend bringing binoculars with you. While our Whale Watching trip did give some binoculars for us to use, we found it was good to have them for the entire trip. You will also want to dress in layers as even in summer it can be cold or wet. Much of Alaska is a temperate rain forest so it’s best to be ready. We had mist and rain for most of our day in Juneau. My sister also bought a camera with an amazing zoom on it and we all loved using this camera and the pictures from it, I definitely recommend something like this so you can get some great pictures of your trip.

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