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How To Throw a Harry Potter Hogwarts Tea Party

How To Throw a Harry Potter Hogwarts Tea Party

Here’s a quick checklist to show How To Throw a Harry Potter Hogwarts Tea Party in your own home.

Get Sorted

Invite three of your friends. Have them get sorted into their Hogwarts house at Pottermore before they arrive.

I have been sorted into Slytherin! Remember, not all Slytherin are evil, Merlin is a Slytherin and he’s the greatest wizard of all time. Slytherin traits include “Cunning, ambitious, resourceful, shrewd, determined”. I actually really enjoy this as my house, it’s a bit unexpected! 

Print and Display Menu

Display your menu with pride in a nice frame near your dining table. This one would be perfect!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tea Party Menu
Harry Potter Hogwarts Tea Party Menu

Plan Shopping List

Print the recipes for the tea party and create your shopping list. See this resource page for lots of suggestions on what to include in your planning. 

Prepare Food

The day before, make as much of the menu items as you can ahead of time. Each recipe includes what portion of the recipe can easily be made the day before to reduce the time it takes to prepare the day of the party.

Set Table

Set your table and have fun with the Hogwarts houses. If you can, set each person’s place setting based on their Hogwarts house. 

Finish Recipes & Brew Tea

The day of the tea party, prepare the remainder of your recipes, brew up a fabulous cup of tea.

I’ve created a collection of Honeydukes inspired teas at Adagio. I recommend Pumpkin Juice Tea for this party, but any of them would be a wonderful choice. 

Play Music

Nothing sets the mood better than music. Queue up this playlist to set the mood of Hogwarts and enjoy! 

Pin for later!

Hogwarts Tea Party
Hogwarts Tea Party

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