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Star Wars Recipe Challenge Roundup

Star Wars Recipe Challenge Roundup

Welcome to the Star Wars Recipe Challenge Roundup. I hosted events for Fandom Foodies and Food ‘n Flix Club for the month of August 2019 and asked everyone to create or share recipes inspired by anything from the Star Wars Universe. Check out the invitation for the details and also a list of some of the recipes submitted for the challenge.

Check out the amazing recipes submitted as part of the Star Wars Recipe Challenge for #FoodNFlix and #FandomFoodies. Amazing #StarWarsFood!

Mocha Portion Bread for Food ‘n Flix—the Star Wars edition

Eliot’s Eats joined us for the Star Wars Recipe Challenge with their version of the Rey’s Portion Bread from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The recipe uses mocha microwaved in a ramekin to get the quick rise effect.

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Chewie Ginger Cookies

Culinary Adventures with Camilla brings us many recipes, starting with her Chewbacca inspired cookies. Aren’t they cute!

Photo Credit:

Yoda’s Boozy Dagoba Swamp Brew

Camilla also brought us a drink inspired by our favorite little Jedi, Yoda. This drink is so amazingly inspired, you just have to take a look. So impressed!

Photo Credit:

Leia Buns, Danish Style

Camilla also brings us Leia Buns inspired by Princess Leia’s hair style from Star Wars: A New Hope. These look absolutely sinful and delicious.

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Dark Like Darth: Garlicky Mussels Over Squid Ink Pasta

Camilla was inspired by the dark side and Darth Vader to create a main dish using squid ink to bring out the black in the pasta. Doesn’t that give you the chills?

Photo Credit:

Love-Hate Stained Glass Hearts

Camilla was also inspired by Han and Leia (the picture is from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) and created these Love Hate Stained Glass Heart cookies. Yum.

Photo Credit:

Supplì al Telefono

Culinary Adventures with Camilla finished the event with some amazing pictures of costumes her family made that won them some awards as well as Supplì al Telefono, a recipe inspired by BB-8.

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Blue Milk Tea aka Bantha Milk

Amy’s Cooking Adventures inspired by Blue Milk Tea didn’t turn out quite like she had hoped. The color is beautiful. She used butterfly pea blossom flowers. I think maybe some tweaking might make this a winner. I’m sure willing to give it a try.

Photo Credit:

Cantina Special

Amy’s Cooking Adventures second submission was inspired by the cocktails at the Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope. This drink sounds amazing for the 21 and over crowd and don’t you just love these glasses!

Photo Credit:

Apple Cinnamon Glazed Roasted Quail

A Day in the Life on a Farm inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the Porg Chewbacca cooked. I can just see the looks on the Porg faces! Doesn’t this look like a great main dish?

Photo Credit:

Bantha Milk Popsicles (Blue Milk)

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen was also inspired by Blue Milk and came up with these Bantha Milk Popsicles. The flavors sound very unique and like they would come from another world and yet also sound yummy. We need to give these a try!

Photo Credit:

Star Wars Solo Soup

Coffee and Casseroles was inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story. The inspiration came from when our smugglers were camping and made soup over an open fire. Another great addition to this list.

Photo Credit:

Bantha Milk and Blue Ice Cubes

Food and Tools was also inspired by Blue Milk. They shared Bantha Milk and Blue Ice Cubes. Both look absolutely amazing and makes me want to dive in.

Photo Credit: foodandtools on Instagram

Star Wars Galaxy Donuts

Finally, I joined the party with Star Wars Galaxy donuts with berry galaxy glaze, glitter, stars and R2-D2 or W-wing Starfighter candy decorations. These were so much fun to make and are a delicious breakfast or dessert option.

Star Wars Galaxy Donuts
Photo Credit: Simply Inspired Meals

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