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Have you ever wanted to make recipes that evoke memories of your favorite movie or theme park? Maybe you want to throw a party with a book or video game theme? You’ve found the right spot to find recipes to bring your ideas to life!

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Chocolate Marshmallow Dip Peep

Chocolate Marshmallow Dip

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Disney Recipes!


Recipes from Disneyland at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California

Disney’s California Adventure

Recipes from Disney’s California Adventure

Magic Kingdom

Recipes from the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida


Recipes from Epcot at Walt Disney Resort in Orlando Florida

Hollywood Studios

Recipes from Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney Resort in Orlando Florida


Recipes from the Disney Cruise Line

Menus and Parties!

Host an at home movie night, holiday celebration or get together with friends and family.

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ Menu

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ Menu

One of my favorite dining spots in Disneyland was Big Thunder Ranch. I loved the western atmosphere and the Toy Story characters and bands that…
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Walking Taco Salad


Wizarding World Hot Butterbeer


Water Bagels


Fruit Parfait


Disney Springtime Lemon Cheesecake


Secret Ingredient Soup

Main Dish

Disney's Apple Butter


Wizarding World Roasted Potatoes

Side Dish

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