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Incredibles Inspired Recipe RoundUp

This month for Food’n’Flix, I asked the bloggers to join me in watching and cooking from Incredibles or Incredibles 2.  Read my invitation: here. We loved the first movie and have been waiting anxiously all these years for the sequel. I think these bloggers enjoyed this month’s assignment. I know that I did. Enjoy this Incredibles Inspired Recipe RoundUp!

Incredible Egg Rolls

I kicked us off with Incredible Egg Rolls. These were inspired by the trailer for Incredibles 2 where Dash just wants to eat his egg rolls but his sister keeps asking him if he’s washed his hands, dried his hands and other necessary steps before dinner. These are incredibly yummy!

Incredible Egg Rolls
Incredible Egg Rolls

Leftover Steak and Pasta Salad

Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm created Leftover Steak and Pasta.  Wendy shared “The mother, Elastigirl, says at one point that it is leftover night so they have a choice of steak, pasta, meatloaf or salad.  I took my inspiration from this scene and created a pasta using leftovers.” I love that Wendy was able to make something so yummy from her leftovers, very inspiring indeed! 

Leftover Steak and Pasta by A Day in the Life on the Farm

Tropical Mimosas and Shrimp Coctail

Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla created Tropical Mimosas and Shrimp Cocktail for My Very Own Mr. Incredible. Camilla shares “On the island, with Mirage, we saw champagne and fruit; she tells him that everything they are eating was grown right there on the island. But the scene that inspired me was when Mr. Incredible is arriving at the island in the manta plane. He’s eating shrimp cocktail and drinking mimosas.” This dish is fun and looked like a great way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Tropical Mimosas and Shrimp Cocktail by Culinary Adventures with Camilla

ElastiGirl’s Super-Stretchy Edible Candy Silly Putty

Amy from Amy’s Cooking Adventures created ElastiGirl’s Super-Stretchy Edible Candy Silly Putty. Amy shares “I decided to jump on the homemade slime/silly putty bandwagon and make an ElastiGirl inspired silly putty!  Since ElastiGirl is stretchy, I wanted to make something equally so – and edible!” This dish looks super fun and a yummy treat as well!

Frozone Super Hero Popsicle

Debra from Eliot’s Eats created Frozone Super Hero Popsicle. Debra shares she was inspired by Frozone; “That too-cool-for-school cat that plays sidekick to Mr. Incredible. I am certain that in Frozone’s civilian life (as Lucius Best) he has used his super powers for good—to make popsicle.” I think she is right and these popsicles look refreshing and delicious.

Frozone Super Hero Popsicle
Frozone Super Hero Popsicle by Eliot’s Eats

Incredible Jack Jack Cookies

I created a second recipe inspired by the Incredibles 2 trailer, Incredible Jack Jack Cookies.  We see Bob luring Jack Jack to him using cookies. The cookies in the movie look like Chocolate Chip, but I decided to amp it up a bit as Jack Jack has so many incredible abilities, I thought these cookies should have an incredible variety of mix ins. These are yummy, we’ve made three batches already and I’m getting ready to send a care package to family including these. 

Incredible Jack Jack Cookies
Incredible Jack Jack Cookies

Incredibles Inspired Recipe RoundUp

I want to thank everyone who participated this month. I know that summer gets crazy busy and appreciate the time the participants took to watch the movie or movies and come up with some “incredible” recipes to share! Be sure to pin the round up image so you can come back anytime to be inspired. 

Join us in September when the Food ‘n Flix Club resumes (after a small summer hiatus) with a special Anniversary challenge. You can choose any movie from all prior challenges to use as your inspiration.

Food 'n Flix
Food ‘n Flix

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  1. Thanks for hosting this fun round. Again, I really want to see Incredibles 2 before it hits Amazon or Netflix! 🙂

  2. wendyklik says:

    Thanks so much for hosting this month. I had fun watching this again with the “next” generation. We are going Friday to see the new release.

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