Firefly Jayne’s Mudder’s Milk

Firefly Jayne’s Mudder’s Milk

I just couldn’t pass up the chance to come up with a unique Mudder’s Milk recipe. Jaynestown is one of my favorite episodes in the series. It is full of humor and unexpected qualities in Jayne’s character that we really never experience. This episode begins with Jayne behaving oddly, disagreeing with Mal more than usual, and in disguise to go on this job. There is also a lot of banter between Simon and Kaylee about when it is appropriate to use foul language. We learn later that Jayne committed a robbery on the planet that went wrong and he is now considered the “Hero of Canton”. Jayne and all of the crew are stunned. Definitely give this episode a watch, it is hilarious.

Jayne describes Mudder’s Milk as “all the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma’s best turkey dinner, plus 15 percent alcohol.” I wanted to do something different than what I had seen on other food blogs and decided on a tea based cocktail. It’s a very simple recipe, but it’s also very delicious.

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Firefly Jayne's Mudder's Milk
Firefly Jayne’s Mudder’s Milk

Firefly Jayne’s Mudder’s Milk Recipe

Yield: 1 serving

Firefly Jayne's Mudder's Milk

Firefly Jayne's Mudder's Milk

Mudder's Milk inspired by Firefly

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 8 oz. brewed Mudder's Milk Tea
  • 1 shot Bailey's Irish Cream


Stir the tea and Irish Cream together and serve warm.


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