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Disney Holiday Cookie Ornament Craft

Disney Holiday Cookie Ornaments

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This Disney Holiday Cookie Ornament Craft is inspired by the Christmas Cookie wallpaper put out by Disney. I thought it would be fun to turn these cookies into ornaments for the tree. I also wanted to make sure they were recognizable as Disney so made them all Mickey’s. Anything Mickey shaped is just so much fun!

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Disney Family has created Disney Parks treats ornaments and I used that as inspiration for this craft.

I transformed the cookies from the wallpaper into ornaments using felt. I borrowed the Mickey template from Disney Family and then just added my own details onto the ornaments.

It’s a fun way to bring a little Disney magic into your home during the holidays. Make as many as you want because there are no calories to count here! Happy Holidays!

What You’ll Need

  • Pencil
  • printed template
  • Tan, white, dark brown, , black and red felt
  • Scissors
  • glue gun
  • needle and thread
  • stuffing
  • ribbon

How To Make It

Print the Mickey template and cut out the Mickey shapes.

Place templates on your felt and trace with a pencil. Use sharp scissors to cut them out.

For the black and white cookie, use white felt for the cookie and black felt for the detail. I cut a full Mickey and then cut it in half.

Mickey Black and White Cookie Ornament

For the Linzer cookie, use white felt for the cookie and red felt for the jam filling.

Mickey Linzer Cookie Ornament

For the Mickey Santa cookie, use tan felt for the cookie, dark brown felt for the ears and red and white felt for the Santa hat.

Mickey Santa Cookie Ornament

And for the Mickey pinwheel, use tan felt for the cookie and red felt for the ears and swirl. This one was tricky to cut out. First I cut the ears off, then cut a full swirl and then I went back and cut the swirl in half. A skinny red ribbon could also work for this instead.

Mickey Pinwheel Cookie Ornament
Mickey Pinwheel Cookie Ornament

Glue or sew the detail on the front cookie piece as well as the ribbon to hang the ornament on the tree. Sew the front to the back cookie, making sure to leave room to stuff the ornament. Stuff it full, I used a pencil to push the stuffing into the ears. Then finish sewing to close the ornaments.

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