Grinch Cookies

Grinch Cookies are inspired by the Holiday offerings at Universal Studios Orlando in 2019. They are green crinkle cookies with a single red heart. This is of course in reference to the Grinch’s tiny heart that grows in the story. #ChristmasCookies Week is a sponsored … Continue readingGrinch Cookies

Brioche Buns

These Brioche Buns are inspired by my son’s favorite hamburger bun. When the #BreadBakers announced this months challenge to bake bread with seeds, I knew I needed to come up with a great Brioche roll that we could make here at home. These turned out … Continue readingBrioche Buns

Zucchini Bread

This recipe comes from my great aunt. I always remember I loved her baked treats. Everything always tasted amazing. Her waffles, chocolate chip cookies, homemade ice cream, pies…. all were delicious. It was always a treat to go to her house. I remember this Zucchini … Continue readingZucchini Bread