Big Thunder Ranch BBQ Menu

Big Thunder Ranch BBQ Menu

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One of my favorite dining spots in Disneyland was Big Thunder Ranch. I loved the western atmosphere and the Toy Story characters and bands that would take the stage while you dine. The menu was wonderful as well and I enjoyed it was served family style at picnic tables. The food was always yummy and filling, truly felt like a pretty good deal for Disneyland. Unfortunately this dining spot is now gone. While we will miss it, we are excited for what is coming, Star Wars: Galaxy Edge. It looks immersive and enthralling. Big Thunder Ranch is the inspiration for my latest menu, the Disneyland Big Thunder Ranch BBQ Menu.

In this post, I’ve compiled everything you need to put together the Big Thunder Ranch BBQ dinner at your home. Enjoy!

  • Menu
  • Recipes
  • Decor
  • Music
  • Shopping List

Big Thunder Ranch Recipes

Big Thunder Ranch Decor Inspiration

Big Thunder Mountain was located behind the Big Thunder Railroad. It has picnic seating at tables covered with tablecloths. Each season the decor would change based on the time of year or holiday. My favorite time of year was during the summer when it was decked out in red, white and blue bunting, banners and flowers. Usually they had a band or other entertainment in a cowboy theme on stage while you dined.

I decided to use a classic picnic table cloth and added fresh cut roses from my garden in little jelly jars wrapped in burlap and tied with gingham ribbon. I also used my Scarlet, Lapis and Slate Fiesta dishes (#fiestaware) to serve the various menu items. (Note: I have no affiliation with Fiesta, I just LOVE their dishes).

Big Thunder Ranch S'mores Bake
Big Thunder Ranch S’mores Bake

Big Thunder Ranch Menu Music

Big Thunder Ranch Shopping List

Fiesta Tortilla Warmer – Lapis
Fiesta Pizza Tray – Slate
Fiesta Medium Bistro Bowl – Lapis
Fiesta Large Bistro Bowl – Scarlet
Fiesta Ramekin – Scarlet
Red Gingham Picnic Tablecloth
Bread Basket
Blue Napkins

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