Star Wars Dinner Club

Star Wars Dinner Club

My sister has been a part of a dinner club (some call these supper clubs) for 12 years with the same set of friends. This club has been wonderful and it is amazing they have kept it going as long as they have. They started before children and they have kept it going through kids, work and family changes. They are a tight-knit set of friends that have a great time together. I was lucky enough to join them once when they did a French cooking class at a local restaurant. I had a great time.

The dinner club gets together once a month and they rotate to each couples home. There are six couples in their club and they keep it to adults only (most of the time). The host is responsible for picking the menu, assignments of dishes to the other couples and for making the main dish. My sister asked if I would be interested in helping put together a menu for her next hosting of the club in May. As you can imagine, they have been through many, many themes and ideas at this point. She requested a Star Wars theme due to  “May the Fourth Be With You” popularity. I was a bit nervous at first as there is not a lot of food in the Star Wars Universe, but when I started getting into it, I found this a super fun menu to plan.

I will be sharing the recipes for each of these menu items in the upcoming days and hope to share some pictures once the club completes the meal to share how they all liked the event. Please come back often to see this progress.

Star Wars Dinner Club Menu

Click on the picture above for a PDF version of the menu.


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